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  • PowerGrit Diamond Chain, 15/16 inch (38/40 cm) Part# 537764 ductile iron cutting pipe chain
  • ICS PowerGrit29 537764 ductile iron pipe cutting chain
  • Utility Pipe Chain Force4 ICS Ductile Iron Diamond Chain ICS Powergrit Utility 537764 Ductile Iron Cutting 15"/16" ics powergrit
  • ics powergrit utility chain
  • utility pipe cutting chain ics powergrit
  • ICS PowerGrit Chains | Safe Utility Pipe Cutting
  • ductile iron pipe cutting
  • Powergrit 537764
  • ICS Diamond PowerGrit Utility Ductile Iron Chain 695 (16") / 880 (15") / 890 (15") Chainsaws 537764
  • PowerGrit Diamond Chain, 15/16 inch (38/40 cm) Part# 537764 ics powergrit
  • PowerGrit Ductile Iron Cutting Chain Saw System
  • ics powergrit utility chain stanley ds12 chainsaw
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Global Diamond Pros

Ductile Iron Diamond Chain - Utility Pipe Cutting Chain - Utility Pipe Ductile Iron Cutting 15"/16" Diamond Chain

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Utility Pipe Cutting - 15" Hydraulic Chainsaw / 16” Gasoline chainsaw - Ductile Iron Utility Chainsaw


Ductile Iron Diamond Chain  - Utility Pipe Cutting Chain - HDPE Cutting Diamond Chain - Clay Pipe Cutting

  • Premium Utility Pipe Cutting Diamond Segmented Chain
  • Directly fits on ICS 15" Hydraulic Guidebar
  • Directly fits on ICS 16" Gas Chainsaw Guidebar
  • Compatible with current chain pitch Guidebar & Drive Sprocket, Only Install this Chain to Cut it ALL!

Fast Cutting Diamond Chain Segment - Engineered with Double Laser Welded Diamond Segments On Each Drive Link for Maximum Cutting Speed & Life!

Application (wet cutting only):

  • Ductile Iron Pipe
  • Utility Pipe 
  • PVC Pipe
  • Cast Iron Pipe
  • AC Pipe
  • Clay Pipe
  • HDPE Pipe ( High Density Polyethylene)
  • & more!

Compatible to directly fit on these Diamond Chainsaws:

  • 695 - 633 - 680 Gas Chainsaws
  • 890 - 880 - 853 Hydraulic Chainsaws
  • MITO Quick Tension Hydraulic Chainsaws
  • Husqvarna Prime Chainsaw
  • Weka / Dr. Schulze High Cycle Chainsaws
  • CS Unitec / 701A / US Saws Pneumatic Chainsaws
  • Stanley DS12 Utility Chainsaw

Check out our great price  guide bar and chain combo package listing as well to maintain longer chain life with a brand new guide bar!

Always in Stock - Always Free Shipping - Global Diamond Pros!

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
John Keens - Senior Utility Systems Operator
Great Chain

Thank you for sending Chris that new chain. We used it to cut an old 12” cast iron water pipe and it was smooth as butter. It worked really well. The cut came out straight and it cut quickly. I found it to be faster and easier to use than our large, heavy hydraulic snapper.

Joe Nardee
Great quality

Great quality and value for the money, was able to cut approximately 50 linear sq feet which is amazing. Very fast shipping!

Eric McFarland
Great Concept - Excellent Customer Service Deals

In market for new chain for our hdyraulic powergrit set up. Reached out and received a great great deal with an even better product. Arrived in a couple of days. Will Repeat.

Jim Russo
Holy cow

Fastest cutting pipe chain on market!

Chris Evans
Faster than Powergrit

We switched to this chain vs standard ones. Cuts much faster and the guys love them.