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Global Diamond Pros

7” Ultra Pro Grinding Concrete Cup Wheel #20 Ultra Supreme Segment for Epoxy Paint Heavy Removal

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7” Ultra Pro Grinding Concrete Cup Wheel Super Coarse #20 Ultra Supreme Segment

Item Specifications:

    • Design for grinding concrete and remove epoxies, paints, glues, mastics and water-proof coating.
    • Size: 7" x 5/8-11
    • Super premium sintering arrow shape diamond segment, the perfect combination of sharpness and long life.
    • High quality grit #20 diamond strengthened the sharpness in use.
    • 7 inch diameter, 5/8"-11 thread ,10 segments and 10mm thickness of segment.
    • Precision balanced test for vibration guarantee the stable when use
    • 10 segments with 10mm
    • Wet or dry use

    Grind curb gutters, expansion joints, high spots, or prep surfaces for coating. Supreme Grade Arrow Style diamond cup wheels contain higher grade and high concentration diamond; used for aggressive grinding and fast stock removal.