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Global Diamond Pros

5” Diamond Core Bit for Concrete, Reinforced Concrete, Brick, Block, Masonry with Hilti 6 Slot Adapter

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5” Turbo Laser Welded Fast Drilling Diamond Core Bit with 6 Slot Hilti Adapter

Rooftop Turbo Diamond Segment Double Laser Weld Design Supreme Core Bits

  • Wet Drilling Diamond Core Bits - 1-1/4"-7 Thread - 14" Length
  • Core Bit Diameters 1-1/2" and below threaded 5/8" - 14" Length
  • Includes: 5” Diamond Core Bit & Hilti 6 Slot Adapter Bundle 

Global Diamond Pros specializes in delivering top of the line core bits to customers around the globe. Our double laser welded turbo series core bits are an excellent choice for core drilling concrete, rebar and masonry. Each laser welded segment is produced for high productivity and consistency in multiple drilling applications.

  • HARD MATERIALS - Drilling in concrete and reinforced concrete with hard aggregates, designed for concrete, reinforced concrete, brick, block, &  stone
  • DURABLE - Rooftop Turbo Segmented Diamond Bond for reliable and consistent drilling performance.
  • DEEPER - Features an 14-inch long usable core, which reduces the need for extensions & adapters
  • BARREL - 14" Length High Resistance Steel Core. Thread: 1-1/4"-7, 12 mm Segment Height, 4 mm Segment Width. 
  • SPECIALIZED - For Wet Only Use. Available from 1” to 16" Diameter.
  • EQUIPMENT -  Hand Held or Rig Mount Core Drill Motor - Hilti, Weka, Shibuya, Husqvarna, Dr. Schulze & more!