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4” Xpeed Diamond Polishing Pads 7-Step Wet/Dry For Granite Quartz Marble Stone

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4” XPEED 7-Step Wet/Dry Diamond Polishing Pads for Quartz Granite Marble Stone and other similar materials. Each polishing pad is made out of heavy duty resin with high diamond concentration making it last up to 33% more! Max RPM of 4500 recommended. Excellent for polishing granite, marble, quartz, stone, travertine and other similar materials. Perfect flexibility on each 4 inch polishing pad.

  • 4” XPEED 7-Step Diamond Polishing Pads
  • Brand new condition
  • Heavy duty & Long life span
  • 7 piece set - Choose your steps!
  • Provide a highly polished finish
  • Great for granite, marble, quartz, engineered stone and other natural stones
  • Max rpm: 4,500
  • Use dry or wet
  • High diamond concentration and just enough flexibility in each 4 inch polishing pad