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  • husqvarna 531101184
  • Cutters Edge Chainsaw
  • Husqvarna diamond chainsaw chains, select between hard reinforced concrete or softer building material for the right chain needed.  16" chains cut 17" deep and 12" chains can cut 13" deep.
  • PXC45: General purpose, granite, hard brick ELC45: General purpose, lightly reinforced concrete, concrete pipes, and other precast concrete SLC45: General purpose, lightly reinforced concrete, concrete pipes, other precast concrete. Can also use ICS-584292 as a substitute. ELC70: Concrete block, limestone, sandstone PRO45: Reinforced concrete, concrete pipe and precast, Designed for PRIME K6500 chainsaw 16" chains cut 17" deep / 12" chains cut 13" deep All chains are .220" wide
  • Husqvarna PXC45 High Performance Diamond Chain for K950, K960, K970 Saws
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14" Cutters Edge Diamond Chain CE94CRS Concrete Cutting Chainsaw Fire Rescue Diamond Chain

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Cutters Edge Concrete Chainsaw - 14” Concrete Diamond Chain 

  • 14" Premium Cutters Edge Diamond Chain 
  • Directly fits on Cutters Edge 14" Guidebar
  • Compatible with current Cutters Edge Chainsaw 3/8" pitch Drive Sprocket

Fast Cutting Diamond Chain Segment - Engineered with Double Laser Welded Diamond Segments On Each Drive Link for Maximum Cutting Speed & Life!

Application (wet cutting only):

  • Concrete
  • Reinforced Concrete
  • Brick & Block
  • Stone

Also compatible to directly fit on prior Husqvarna Concrete Chainsaw Models: K950 & Partner , Cutters Edge Concrete Chainsaws

CE7COI Diamond Chain

Check out our great price Husqvarna K970 & Cutters Edge guide bar and chain combo package listing as well to maintain longer chain life with a brand new guide bar!

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