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  • Hydraulic Concrete Chainsaw - 12 GPM - Flushcut Powerhead - Bar & Chain Included
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Hydraulic Concrete Chainsaw - 12 GPM - Flushcut Powerhead - Bar & Chain Included

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Hydraulic Concrete Chainsaw - 12 GPM Hydraulic Power - Flush Cut - Bar & Chain Included - Free Shipping -15" Bar & Chain Included

Our new flush cut hydraulic chainsaw saw is the most heavy duty chainsaw available, making it the right tool for crews who need to cut concrete, brick, block and stone all day, every day. Includes New Chainsaw with bar, chain and sprocket. Utility pipe bar and chain also available. Ask us about it’s lightweight 20 lbs. flush cut platform!

Based on your needs, choose between:

  • 12 gpm at 2000 to 2500 psi cutting power
  • An S-series chain for cutting medium–soft to very hard aggregate with moderate to heavy steel reinforcing
  • An L-series chain for cutting newer concrete, brick and concrete block without steel reinforcing
  • Your choice of a 10”, 15”, 20” or 30” bar with a roller nose sprocket and internal water ports for maximum bar and chain life
  • Fits Standard Bars, Chains, Sprockets


  • New Flush Cut Cover
  • Lightweight 20 lbs. Powerhead
  • Compatible with ICS 890FL bar, chain, sprocket
  • Equipped with a powerful hydraulic motor that requires up to 12 gpm @ 2000-2500 psi, 17.4 hp @ 12 gpm and 2500 psi.
  • Makes clean plunge, bottom, notch, trim and corner cuts without over cutting.
  • Cast aluminum ergonomic frame enhances cutting precision while reducing operator fatigue.
  • Cushioned handles and balanced weight distribution enhances cutting with minimal force.
  • Dual function trigger starts and stops tool and water simultaneously.
  • Trigger lockout safety feature is standard.
  • The water flow system delivers maximum lubrication, cooling and abrasive flushing through internal water passages in the bars.
  • Roller nose sprocket maximizes chain and bar life.
  • 10in. bar provides full 10 in. cutting depth.
  • 15 in. bar provides full 15 in. cutting depth.
  • 20 in. bar provides full 20 in. cutting depth.
  • 30 in. bar provides full 30 in. cutting depth. 
  • Choose from these diamond segmented chains:
    • S-series chains cut medium soft to very hard aggregate with moderate to heavy steel rebar.
    • L-series chains cut green concrete, brick and concrete block without steel rebar.
  • Can be powered by powerpack or any other compatible power source.

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