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  • Dry Drilling Core Bits Turbo Diamond Segment for Concrete Masonry Stone
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Dry Drilling Diamond Core Bits 5-8"-11 Thread - Turbo Diamond Segment for Concrete Masonry Stone 1"-6"

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Dry Drilling Diamond Core Bit for Concrete Masonry Stone

Fast Drilling Core Bit Engineered For Precise Core Drilling Dry No Water Needed


Ability to core drill a variety of materials dry with no water needed. Engineered diamond segment built to drill the toughest applications with no water. Solid strengthened core to ensure core bit life throughout use.

Ideal for dry core drilling applications: 

  • Masonry
  • Brick
  • Block
  • Pavers
  • Concrete

Directly fits on 5/8-11 male thread core drill shaft

Product Description & Specs: 

Condition: Brand New 

Quantity: 1PC

Quality: Premium Grade Dry Drilling Diamond Segments

Diameter: 1"-6"

Thread: 5/8"-11

Diamond Grid and Bond: Turbo Diamond Segment

Recommended Equipment: Core Drill Machine

Drilling Method: Dry