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  • 16" Stihl guide bar
  • 16" diamond chain for stihl rockboss
  • stihl rockboss guidebar
  • stihl rockboss chain
  • stihl rockboss diamond chain
  • 16" Stihl Chain
  • 16" chain for Stihl GS461
  •  Diamond Abrasive Chain 36 GBE for GS 461 Rock Boss
  • stihl diamond chain
  • stihl rock boss diamond chain
  • stihl rockboss guide-bar
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Global Diamond Pros

16” Diamond Chain & Guide Bar for Stihl GS461 Rockboss Concrete Chainsaw & 16" Guide Bar Package

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GDP's Stihl Rockboss GS461 Concrete Chainsaw -16" Concrete Diamond Chain & 16" Guidebar for Gasoline Powerhead Package

16" Diamond Chain & 16" Guidebar For RockBoss Chainsaw

  • 16" Premium Compatible with Stihl Rockboss Diamond Chain
  • 16” Professional Guidebar for Stihl Rockboss GS461
  • Compatible with current STIHL ROCKBOSS 3/8" pitch Drive Sprocket
Includes: Quantity 1 Stihl RockBoss 16" Diamond Chains & Quantity 1 Stihl RockBoss 16" Guidebar

Fast Cutting Diamond Chain Segment - Engineered with Double Laser Welded Diamond Segments On Each Drive Link for Maximum Cutting Speed & Life!

Application (wet cutting only):
  • Concrete
  • Reinforced Concrete
  • Brick & Block
  • Stone
  • Pavers
  • & More!
Our unique package for Stihl Rock Boss Chainsaws come at the best value, direct free same day shipping!

 Always in Stock - Always Free Shipping - Global Diamond Pros!

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Chris Strada

Fantastic bundle for our Rock Boss chainsaw. The diamond chain cuts very smooth and the crew loves it! Overall A++

GNG Concrete
Excellent bar and chain

Excellent bar and chain bundle will be purchasing again. The diamond chain cuts quickly and efficiently. Thank you

Furgusen Concrete
Great chain and bar bundle!

Great diamond chain with every link segmented! Fast cutting fit right onto our Stihl Rock Boss. Fast shipping will be purchasing again.

GP Construction
Great chain and bar package

Fit right onto my Stihl Rockboss and cut right into the cement wall. Will be purchasing again. Excellent chain!

Jeffersons Rents Inc
Excellent diamond chain

Excellent package with diamond chain and guide bar - fit right onto our new Stihl Rockboss and cuts great! Will be purchasing again. Thank you