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Global Diamond Pros

14” Ductile Iron Diamond Blade - Utility Pipe Diamond Blade - Steel - Metal - Ductile Iron Pipe - Cast Iron - PVC - Ductile Iron Diamond Blade

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14" Utility Pipe Cut Off/Chop Saw Diamond Saw Blade & Diamond Side Coating 

Premium Quality Ductile Blade is Designed For Superior Performance on Ductile Pipe. The Abrasive Side Coating Provides the Cleanest Cut Possible.

Premium solid metal vacuum brazed technology blade for outstanding performance & life cutting various materials!

Safer for your employees than old fashioned pressed abrasive blades that can crack and warp, and always shrink as you use them. This thin cut off/chop saw blade with strong steel core with cooling holes is very aggressive, cutting through many materials including steel studs, iron pipe, copper tubing, threaded rod, PVC pipe, and more! Powers through concrete, plastic, fiberglass, rubber, non-ferrous metals, stainless and ferrous metals without loading. Maintains full depth cutting throughout blade life. Ideal for professional contractors, municipalities, townships.

This high end Double Laser Welded Ductile Iron Cutting Blade (Any Cut) is excellent for Heavy Metals,  reinforced concrete, rebar, stainless and ferrous metals without loading. Maintains full depth cutting throughout blade life.


  • Versatile Cutting a Wide Range of Materials
  • Double Laser Welded Premium Segments Made to Cut Utility Pipe
  • Solid Heat Treated Blade Core - No Shrinking 
  • Vacuum Brazed Side Coating To Avoid Pinching


  • Steel
  • Structural Steel
  • Stainless Steel
  • Steel Bar
  • Rebar
  • Steel Studs
  • Iron Pipe
  • Ductile Iron
  • Copper Pipe
  • Copper Tubing
  • Reinforced Hose
  • ABS Pipe
  • PVC Pipe
  • Fiberglass
  • Reinforced Concrete
  • Concrete Water Main


  • Stihl Gas Handsaws
  • Husqvarna K970
  • Makita 
  • Husqvarna K3000
  • CoreCut C14 
  • CoreCut C16
  • SLR Hand Saw
  • Hitachi Hand Saw
  • Husqvarna K1 PACE
  • Bauer 
  • & more!


  • Arbor size: - 1 inch with 20mm bushing and pinhole
  • Saw RPM: Up to 6800
  • Saw Horsepower: Up to 15 HP
  • Cutting Depth: 4" (14" Diameter)
  • Segment Height: 10 mm
  • Cutting: Wet or Dry 

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 6 reviews
    John Artmam
    Excellent blade

    Very fast diamond blade was able to cut more than 60 linear sq ft. High end blade will be purchasing again.

    GG Masonry Co
    Cuts great

    We used it to cut up a big, cast iron pipe that we needed to get rid of. Used it on our old Bauer saw and fit perfectly. It did a great job on that as well. It seems to still have plenty of life left in it. It's definitely a high quality blade.

    KSN Sons Concrete

    We use this blade on our core cut saw and cuts extremely well on ductile pipe and iron. Great blades!

    GNS Concrete

    These blades work great on old ductile pipe or any hard metal. Fast shipping . Overall A++

    Furgu Concrete
    Excellent cut all blade

    One of the best diamond blades we have used to cut heavy metals and old concrete. Very fast shipping and our crew loves them. Will be ordering again. thank you