Diamonds are a Concrete Contractor’s best friend when it comes to cutting

Diamonds are a Concrete Contractor’s best friend when it comes to cutting

When it comes to cutting concrete it may get very complicated, not all blades are made equally. The questions can be numerous and overwhelming; that is why we are here to help!

Blades vary in the number of diamonds, size, shape, cost and performance, but it’s the application that’s the true differentiator. Some questions can be: Which diamond blade will work best for asphalt? Which blade will work best on what kind of concrete? How large should the blade be? Will the same blade used on a basement floor work well to cut two inches into a driveway? Are there new technologies I should know about and how do I keep up? Is there a good blade for cutting granite and quartz?

Diamonds in the blades make them run quicker and smoother and quicker leaving you with a longer life on the blade. Basically, the answers fall into these categories: the hardness and abrasiveness of the material to be cut; speed, efficiency, longevity, size and affordability of the blade needed; and the quality of cut desired. Understanding the making of diamond blades, how they work and the different kinds of blades available will help you choose an option with the right characteristics for your cutting application.

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