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16” Utility Pipe Chain Stihl GS461 Rockboss Ductile Iron Diamond Chain - Ductile Iron Diamond Chain For GS461 Chainsaw

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Stihl Rockboss Utility Pipe Chainsaw - 16” Gasoline Ductile Iron Diamond Chain 

Utility Pipe Diamond Chain For Stihl GS461 Rockboss Chainsaw

16" Length - 3/8" Chain Pitch - 64 Drive Link - Utility Pipe - Diamond Chain

Fast Cutting Diamond Chain Segment - Engineered with Double Laser Welded Diamond Segments On Each Drive Link for Maximum Cutting Speed & Life!

Application (wet cutting only):

  • Ductile Iron Pipe
  • Utility Pipe 
  • PVC
  • Cast Iron
  • AC Pipe
  • Clay Pipe

Check out our great price  guide bar and chain combo package listing as well to maintain longer chain life with a brand new guide bar!

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