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7" Aggressive Grinding Cup Wheel - 7" S Segmented Cup Wheel #18/20 Diamond 5/8"-11 Arbor for Concrete and Paint, Epoxy, Mastic, Coating Removal

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7” S Segment Cup Wheel - Diamond Cup Wheel Premium Segmented for FAST Material, Glue, Overlay,  Mortar Removal

S Cup Segmented Cup Wheel - 7" x 5/8-11” Threaded Arbor - Heavy Epoxy Removal
  • #18/20 diamond grit to grind concrete, masonry, and remove paints, epoxies, mastic, water-proofing coating. markings & lines, surface prep
  • Grind expansion joints, high spots, surface prep coatings, glue
  • High diamond concentration for quicker and smoother handling fast stock removal
  • 7" Diameter - Quantity 14 Premium S Segments -  5/8"-11 thread arbor
  • Threaded 5/8"-11 or non-threaded 7/8-5/8” arbor availability
  • Also Available in 5" Diameter

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