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Global Diamond Pros

6” Early Entry Green Concrete Saw Blade Purple Cut

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Purple Cut is GDP’s version of the SOFF CUT Diamond blade for cutting green concrete, early entry concrete cutting, soft concrete cutting & other similar materials. It has the same triangular arbor, and will last 1.8X (proven) as longer too! All of our colors match the Soff Cut bond colors. Sold to thousands of contractors across the nation.

  • Blade Subtype:
    Early Entry, High Speed
  • Cutting Application:
    Concrete, Green Concrete, Soft Concrete 
  • Premium Quality Early Entry Diamond Blade for Green Concrete
  • Original Purple Color Husqvarna Partner Soff-Cut Blade
  • High Concentration Medium Bond
  •  No Chipping – No Spaulding
  • 1” Arbor with Standard Triangle Arbor
  • Excellent for Cutting Soft Concrete 

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