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  • Hard Concrete with heavy rebar bridge deck diamond blade
  • 26 x 187 x 1 Concut Diamond Blade for Bridge Deck
  • heavy reinforced concrete blade
  • Sawing - Grinding & Grooving
  • 26" x .187" Diamond Blade Heavily Reinforced Bridge Deck CRC Reinforced Concrete
  • bridgedeck saw blade
  • bridgedeck blades fast cutting deck blades
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Global Diamond Pros

26" Diamond Blade Concrete Saw Blade Professional Bridgedeck Slab Saw Walk Behind Diamond Blade Heavy Reinforced Bridge Cutting

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Reinforced Concrete Slab Saw Blade  Laser Welded Premium Slab Saw Blade - Bridge Deck Cutting Application

                                 26" x .187 Bridge Deck Road Saw Blade - 10" Cutting Depth

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26” x .187” Bride Deck Heavily Reinforced Concrete With Steel Bond - Our diamond walk-behind blades are made out of heavy duty high diamond concentration- Engineered specifically for maximum efficiency and performance on Bridge Cutting Applications. Global Diamond Pro’s walk behind diamond blades vary in all sizes to complete your task correctly & efficiently


Featuring Extra Segment Undercut Protection & Double Laser Weld Segment Design On A Premium Heat Treated Reinforced Tensioned Core For Extra Strength No Vibration.

Applications & Specifications:
  • Bridge Deck 
  • Heavily Reinforced Concrete
  • Hard Concrete With Rebar
  • CRC
  • Hard Concrete 
  • River Rock Concrete
  • Heavy Highway
  • Road Cutting
  • High HP
  • Fast Cutting Speed
  • Long Life
  • Extra Undercut Protection

Walk Behind Slab Saws 40-90 HP:

  • Husqvarna FS7000
  • Husqvarna FS6600
  • Husqvarna FS5000
  • Husqvarna FS4800
  • CoreCut CC65
  • CoreCut CC75
  • & more!

Custom Sizes & Dimensions Available Please Contact Us

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