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  • concrete cutting diamond blade
  • general purpose diamond blade
  • turbo diamond blades
  • hand saw blades 14"
  • diamond blade for concrete
  • 14" diamond blade
  • laser welded diamond blade
  • general purpose diamond blade
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Global Diamond Pros

14” Laser Welded Diamond Saw Blade Pro Turbo for Concrete Masonry Pavers- 2 Pack

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Laser Welded Diamond Blades for Concrete & Masonry - 2 Pack

G D P’s New Technology - Double Laser Welded “ribbed” Turbo Segments Diamond Blade Designed to Reach Peak Performance, lowering your cost per cut.

Engineered with extreme high diamond concentration in each segment for quick and smooth cutting. Precise engineered cooling holes to extend the inner blade core through entire blade life.


  • Double Laser Welded Diamond Blade with Ribbed Diamond Segments
  • Reinforced Heat Treated Core With Cooling Holes
  • Angled Segment Design For Fast & Smooth Cutting


 Hard Brick
 Cured Concrete
 Brick / Block
 Concrete Pipe


  • Stihl Gas Handsaws
  • Husqvarna K970
  • Makita 
  • Husqvarna K3000
  • CoreCut C14 
  • CoreCut C16
  • SLR Hand Saw
  • Hitachi Hand Saw
  • Milwaukee Battery
  • Husqvarna K1 PACE
  • Husqvarna FS400 / 500 
  • & more!


  • Arbor size: - 1 inch with 20mm bushing and pinhole
  • Saw RPM: Up to 6800
  • Saw Horsepower: Up to 20 HP
  • Cutting Depth: 5" - 14" Blade Diameter
  • Segment Height: 12 mm
  • Cutting: Wet or Dry