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Fast Cutting Diamond Blade for Reinforced Concrete Hard Concrete With Unique W Segments 14" 16" Power Cutter Saw Blade

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14” / 16” W Segment High Speed Diamond Blade

Engineered W Segment Design / Laser Welded Heat Treated Core!

Our 14”-16” Tremendous Cutting Diamond Blade is made from high diamond concentration to make each cut smoother and quicker. Save time and money by using this top-notch diamond blade for all purposes. With over 70 cooling holes, this diamond blade will surely be your number 1 choice for all your hard material cutting. 


  • 14”-16” Diamond Blade with a total of 72 cooling holes
  • Unique W type Segmented to cut thru hard materials
  • Save both time and money with our Tremendous Cutting Laser Welded Blade
  • Arbor size 1 inch with 20mm bushing and pinhole
  • Heavy duty fast cutting blade with a tremendous lifespan
  • Extended cutting life with 12mm Turbo W Segments
  • Double Laser Welded
  • Max RPM of 6800


  • Excellent for cutting concrete, hard concrete with rebar, engineered stone, brick, pavers, block, roof tile, pvc piping and more
  • Number 1 choice for contractors, concrete companies and concrete contractors


  • Concrete
  • Precast Concrete
  • Concrete Pipe
  • Masonry
  • Hard & Heavily Reinforced Concrete
  • River Rock
  • Granite & Stone


  • Stihl TS420
  • Husqvarna K970
  • Makita 
  • Husqvarna K3000
  • CoreCut C14 
  • CoreCut C16
  • SLR Hand Saw
  • Hitachi Hand Saw
  • Milwaukee Battery
  • Husqvarna K1 PACE
  • & more!


  • Arbor size: - 1 inch with 20mm bushing and pinhole
  • Saw RPM: Up to 6800
  • Saw Horsepower: Up to 20 HP
  • Cutting Depth: 5" - 6" (14"-16" Diameter)
  • Segment Height: 12 mm
  • Cutting: Wet or Dry

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