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  • Diamond Core Bit Wet Drilling Concrete Bits Hard Masonry Reinforced Concrete - 3" Diameter
  • Diamond Core Bit Wet Drilling
  • Concrete Coring Bit
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Global Diamond Pros

Concrete Core Bit - Diamond Core Bit - Wet Drilling Core Bits Laser Welded for Hard Concrete - Masonry - Reinforced Concrete Core Drilling

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Diamond Core Bits for Concrete, Reinforced Concrete, Masonry, Stone & more!

Wet Core Drilling Diamond Core Bits 1-1/4"-7 Thread - 14" Barrel Length

For the most reliable core drilling performance, trust Global Diamond Pros' double laser welded ultimate series core bits. Made with high diamond concentration segments, our bits provide a smooth drilling experience and extended lifespan when working with hard materials like concrete, brick, and granite.

  • HARD MATERIALS - Drilling in concrete and reinforced concrete with hard aggregates, designed for concrete, reinforced concrete, brick, block, &  stone
  • DURABLE - High Concentration Diamond Bond Core Drill Bit with unique pattern diamond shaped segments for fast drilling speed 
  • DEEPER - Features an 14-inch long usable core, which reduces the need for extensions & adapters - also available in 18" barrel per your request
  • BARREL - 14" Length High Resistance Steel Core. Thread: 1-1/4"-7, 12 mm Segment Height.
  • SPECIALIZED - For Wet Only Use. Available from 2” to 14" Diameter.
  • EQUIPMENT -  Hand Held or Rig Mount Core Drill Motor Use - Hilti, Weka, Shibuya, Husqvarna, Dr. Schulze & more!

Custom Core Bits & Segments Available Upon Request

Always in Stock - Always FREE Shipping! - Global Diamond Pros!

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